Clinton Township, Michigan: Cigar shaped object following a storm cloud 19-Aug-2014

Cigar-shaped UFO

These photos of a cylindrical UFO were taken in the sky above Clinton Township in Michigan on Tuesday, 19th August 2014.

Witness report: I was taking pictures with my Nikon D3100 camera using a 18mm-55mm lens to capture lightning strikes from a storm that was heading over my residence. The storm came in from the west and was moving east/southeast and I had my camera on continuous shooting. A lightning bolt was discharged from the wall cloud. It is the only time a lightning bolt came from this cloud and within a few seconds after the bolt struct, I managed to capture 2 pictures of this object. After taking approximately 145 photos of this storm, I saw 2 pictures with a cigar shaped object following the south end of the wall cloud. I did not see this object at all while shooting them. It was only visible after I reviewed my photos on my computer.
The object was a dull gray/black, solid body, no lights or windows. There were NO wings, tail or protruding areas coming from this object. The ends are rounded and fits the cigar shape perfectly. It was approximately 30-50 ft in length (estimate) and about 700-900 ft high (again, estimate) and it followed in back of the main wall cloud that contained high winds and rain. It moved to the east, along with the storm. It had moved hundreds of feet in less than 4 seconds.
There were no airplanes or helicopters in this area mainly because of the storm that was approaching. The only noise that was heard was the storm itself. A few times my camera would NOT shoot to capture images. So gaps were as long as 5 seconds on some of the pictures. While most images of the storm and object were captured, fluently, I had to refocus a few times in order to get the camera to shoot some of the images (although no object was visible in those pictures).

I have included pictures of this object. Also sending the stretch between the first sighting of the object and a couple of in between pictures to show you a time sequence from the first picture of the craft to the last picture of it. Also included, are pictures of the readings on my camera at the time they were taken.

Author (source: mufon)

Michigan UFO

Michigan UFO

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  1. excellent capture! i don’t know why ufos are always hiding in storms! don’t they know they can be seen anyways? do they think humans run and hide under their beds when storms happen??

    • Aliens can use magnetic energy which is far more abundant and infinite than what storm can give, human made crafts as the TR-3B are still running with nuclear energy because they can’t retro engineer technologies that far advanced.

      But alien crafts seem to have an interested for storms indeed, but i doubt it could be for energy purposes.

  2. Most Earth pilots go out of their way to avoid thunderstorms. All that super-charged, turbulent air is extremely dangerous. Yet these unidentified craft seem to thrive in those conditions.

  3. I have to throw this out there, just to offer another explanation. Storms can pack a lot of winds, it’s a possibility that this is something light in weight that was picked up by the storm, I know I certainly see things blowing around during storms. With that possibility out there, I just can’t say definitively that this is extraterrestrial. And I’m not the person who clicks “not alien” either, LOL

  4. I am the person who took this photo. I give you my word and have the proof that this picture exists without being doctored up. Nothing has been added to this picture and this is exactly what my camera captured that stormy day in August, 2014. I have 2 other pictures that are not posted on this site that accompanied this picture. In a span of 1.2 seconds I took 4 continuous shots and 2 of the pictures had this object. It broke down to being 30/100s of a second in between each picture. The object you see here is the first captured when I took it in the south/southeast. The next 2 pics had absolutely no visible object, the last picture had this object, but it was approximately 150-300 feet southeast of the picture shown on this site. Sad that the 2nd picture of this object wasn’t posted here.
    As I was going through all of my other pictures I took on “continuous mode” the day of the storm, I noticed this craft directly to the west of my position. It’s actually the first picture I captured of the object. It came just behind the wall cloud from the west. It was much closer to the ground…approximately 75 feet above the road. It was a darker gray and it was much larger than both of my original photos of this craft. It was definitely moving with this storm.

    This isn’t the first time I witnessed and captured a photo of a cigar shaped object following a wall cloud/severe storm. On June 17, 2013 approximately 5pm EST, I captured a cigar type craft on my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone camera. It was right above a rotating wall cloud. This severe storm was the strangest storm I have seen in my 40 yrs living here in Michigan. Again, I didn’t notice this object when I took the pictures of this weird storm. I only could take one picture of it and then my battery died on my phone. I also sent this photo to MUFON.

    I know this is the real thing when it comes to UFO crafts. I have witnessed many things in the past 2 years here in Clinton Township, MI. I have video of a craft in action, many pictures and a few times just watching these crafts move around w/o taking pictures. For those that think this is fake or not ET crafts…wait. When you do see one for yourself, that is when you will think differently.
    I hope to be able to post more pictures and videos whenever these crafts are visible and are willing to be photographed.

  5. Well, I can believe it. In June of 2004 my brother and I witnessed a mysterious yet fascinating object in the sky near our apt balcony. This object was like no other. It appeared neon green in color, massive oval shaped, as it floated in the sky. It was as if it was watching us. I was in awe. Finally, within seconds it abruptly disappeared in the sky. I have yet to see nothing like it. Ufo’s are real.

  6. I can verify that I saw the same thing too. It went forward into a cloud and then backwards out of it several times, and again forward into the cloud.
    I sat on my back porch and watched it, and will never forget it.
    It finally disappeared behind a cloud and never came out.

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