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Your UFO reports: 11th October – 18th October 2014
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south, cleveland Tn. – 10,19,14
Out side just now and heard a really loud jet engine sound behind me, turned and saw a huge craft with btight light on wing tips. As it got closer it appeared to be three triangle shaped craft, two parallel and one behind. It appeared to be one craft but was huge, it was approximately 1500 ft. and extremely loud. Object was moving ftom the nw to se at slow rate of speed. Never have seen a plane with this light formation or size, it was huge, I watched it for about three min until it dissappear ed in the distance. I don’t know what it was but it was really strange
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Langenthal, Swizerland – 18-10.2014
In this date 18.10.2014 around 21:15 i saw like a fire ball in the sky i thounght was a comet in contact with the atmosphere so i pay much attention because as i never saw one comet falling in our atmosphere i was happy to see it…. few seconds after the light is extinguished. Some seconds after i was surprised the light cames again but dindn’t move as the 1st time, it was just in the air and then the light was gone again…..i was driving i thought for myself can’t be a comet….. i went to my home, some hours later i left my home to get my father arround 23h/23:30h, he was working, i was driving the car and i saw the same light….. near us…. i told my father i saw it before and maybe something not “normal”. i could not stop the car and that thing shut down the strong light again and passed over us. i was very excited and i said it’s a UFO, my father open the window of the car and put the head out to take a look….. there were any kind of noice (airplane noice or something
like that) in that time my father didn’t tell me the shape of that thing just in the next day he told me it had a round shape…. my father is a skeptical person i was surprised when he told me that. i lived this experience so i think it’s good to be shared for our mental evolution.
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Millville, Nj – 10/16/2014
I was standing outside around 11:40 at night when I saw what looked like a huge white star about 150°SSE . It was moving north at a slow but steady rate of speed. I live less than a 3 miles from a small airport and have for over 30 years. I have always loved watching the planes since I was a child. This was not a plane or a helicopter.  It was a brilliant white light. I watched it transfixed for about 15 seconds. I searched it for any variation in color or sign of flickering and could find none. After the initial 15 seconds or so I started to go inside to call my husband out to see but fearful of it disappearing I changed my mind and continued to watch for another 3 or 4 seconds before trying to make a run to get my husband. When we came back out the ufo was gone. I had last seen about 90°E of where I was standing. I’m wondering if anyone else witnessed this? It was honestly one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring things I have ever wittnessed. I unfortunately did not have my
phone on me when the event took place.
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Israel – 15 October 2014
Israel UFOI capture those images today in tel aviv, Israel with a sport camera, I have more..
איציק ברוך
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NZ – 15 Oct 2014
Saw a cluster of 6 orange lights over Wellington New Zealand tonight. They were all traveling at the same speed, and slowly faded out one by one. Might of been space debris, or a Chinese lantern or something. But unfortunately I didn’t capture any footage or photos
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Garden Grove – 10/14/2014
We saw a small orange ball in the southern part of the sky. Initially we thought it was a plane or helicopter. But its erratic flying path and the color of the light made us think it was something else. It went quick then slowed down, then it was slow and rising, it shimmied from side to side and then started rising more. As it rose into the clouds it started to pulse then we lost sight of it. We then saw it blink once or twice in different parts of the sky and we heard two weird noises that we haven’t heard before. We have no idea or have an explanation for what it was.
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Speers point, over Lake Macquarie Newcastle Nsw Australia – 13 Oct 2014 6:53pm
Macquarie UFOIn the video the light is white but the white light was actually bright came flying out of clouds as the storm was just beginning. Within 10 seconds it had flew over the house and was no longer in sight. The family and I were on our balcony on the esplanade at speers point, newcastle, NSW Australia. Directly across the lake when we had seen it.
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Jesup, Georiga. Cherry ST – October 13th, 2014
I was driving down Cherry street on my way home from north Georgia, I have been driving for about 4 hours then, and suddenly as I was driving I was approaching a stoplight, the light was yellow, and in an instant, a green object passed by directly overhead, It was quick, had I not been aware I would of completely disregarded it. It was faster than anything I’ve ever seen, I rolled down my window thinking maybe it was a jet, (it was about 40 – 50 meters in the air) and wanted to double check and listen the the after burner. But it was completely silent. My first thought was “I’m hallucinating, there’s no way a flying object can fly so fast it flew past a traffic light a mile away in 1/6th of a second.” as I returned home 45 minutes later, I approached my father, and told of what I had seen thinking I was crazy, but he had a shocked look on his face, and told me “your little sister and sister in law said they saw the same exact thing 30 – 45 minutes ago from that direction”. They
described it as a “green circular object going really fast through the sky at tree level”… To sum it up, this isn’t the only time there has been something odd like this. When I was 4 there were a bunch of white orbs circling about over the sky behind the marsh where I lived over open water, I hardly remember it, but a few of my family members remember it. Weird things have been going on in the Golden isles near the Brunswick area of Georgia. Keep an eye out.
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El Paso, Texas – Today October 13, 2014
I was in the backyard in the west side; over the Franklin mountains of El Paso, TX at around 12:30 to 1:10 pm, I saw a shiny dot hovering over my house; no helicopter or plane shape; no noise. I took several pictures with a cannon camera and a zoom; here are my best pics. I got a neighbor witness who saw the dot with me.
Dr. Vigo
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Camden , NSW ,Sydney , Australia – 13 October 2014
UFOMy son took this last night while videoing the storm a fast moving object moves from right to left.
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SW of Grand Canyon – 6/19/14
Grand Canyon UFOs3 huge glowing object in desert with a smaller 4th one moving in between them. Shot from airplane window around noon.
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Northern Victoria, Australia – 2nd  March 2014
Australia UFOUFO photo taken on and I-phone in the early morning over small country town.
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