Sweden Navy Searching For Mysterious Submarine Due To Possible Underwater Threat

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An amateur photo made available and taken on October 19, 2014 by Swedish Defence shows a dark object in a white wake in the sea. (Swedish Defence)

There’s a possibility that the Swedish authorities who reportedly making efforts to look for alleged Russian submarine in its waters are searching for wrong subject. A source in the Russian Defense Ministry said that the sub is probably Dutch.

Earlier reports revealed that the Swedish navy is searching in the Baltic Sea for a submarine possibly owned by Russia.

However, Russia denied the allegation saying that there was no substance in reports connecting their nation to it.

The source commented that the Russian Defense Ministry provided the Swedish authorities any help they can provide in the search for the submarine. The source added that the Swedish Navy could spare their taxpayer’s nerves and money by turning to The Netherlands.

Bruinvis, the Swedish Walrus-class submarine, was in the Baltic Sea, not far from Stockholm last week.

Swedish media leaked the photos by a submarine doing emergency surfacing procedure. In a detailed report the Swedish media reported an emergency surfacing by a submarine allegedly belonging to Russia.

The source said that Bruinvis is about to sail back after docking in the Estonian capital Tallinn since Friday last week. The source added, that the report might help the Swedish Navy to locate what they are looking for.

On Monday, the Dutch Navy issued a statement saying that the Bruinvis was not near Stockholm when the unknown submarine was discovered. According to Dutch Ministry of Defense spokesperson Marnoes Visser, the joint drills with Sweden ended on Tuesday wherein the submarine participated, which set off for Tallinn afterwards.

Search parties were deployed on Friday by Swedish navy after receiving reports from the country’s media about an identified submarine.

According to reports, Russian Navy frequency that is reserved for emergencies was intercepted, which created speculation that a Russian submarine had a problem in its secret mission in waters under Swedish territory.

However, Swedish Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad told the media that a photo sent to the Defense Ministry prompted the search. The photo was sent by a man who claimed to have witnessed it surface and dive again. Grenstad said that the Navy has been considering other nations behind the submarine activity and they are not singling out Russia.

Baltic Sea is not new to unidentified submerged object (USO). In August 2011, there were reports about the Baltic Sea UFO finding. Underwater research specialist Peter Lindberg found a strange object using side-scanning sonar to map the sea floor as they returned to port from month long search for Baltic Sea shipwrecks. Lindberg and his team found an object in almost 300 feet of water, measuring around 195-200 feet in diameter.

On June 19, 2011, OceanX treasure hunters discovered an object that appeared to be as large mushroom emerging 10-13 feet from the seabed, with rounded edges and sides. Veteran diver Stefan Hogeborn said that they were puzzled by what they saw.

UFO enthusiasts believe that aliens have bases under the ocean based on many reports from different people who claimed that they have witnessed mysterious objects going into and coming out the ocean. These objects are called unidentified submerged objects (USOs) or sometimes called as underwater UFOs.

Could the mysterious Russian submarine actually a Dutch sub, or this is another mysterious activity involving a USO?

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  1. I believe it is a USO, take a look at my website : conniesonne.dk at look at the menu : WHITE UFO´s. Eventhough it´s not, it may be the military looking for these object. They know they are here, I have evidences of that !

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