Bright craft caught on tape over Mexico

Mexico UFO

Check out this interesting report from The Third Millennium about this sighting above Mazatlán in Mexico that happened earlier this year.

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  1. WHY do people who cannot believe their own eyes want to believe what they are seeing but then fall back to being stupid and relying on their doubt. This isn’t science, it is real.

  2. Jesus dijo en la biblia que “En los ultimos dias veran senales en los cielos”. Se refirio a los cielos en plural…eso significa en diferentes partes del mundo…la pregunta es si estos objetos no identificados son esas senales????
    Soy de los que creo que en la biblia hay mucha tegnologia envuelta en relacion a objetos que bajan del cielo…porque en el plan actual de Dios esa misma tegnologia no estaria envuelta???

  3. Come on. most of these “sightings” are either drones or CGI ‘infected’ videos. If you can’t PROVE it is extraterrestrial, PROVE it cannot be a DRONE or modified video first.

    With phone technology today and easy access to hi quality recorders, why the hell is it nearly impossible to get a good shot at an unexplainable object?

    I came across one site where some fool posted several photos of a hawk in slow-mo, multi-exposed pictures… birdbrain.

    If you want the truth out there, STOP PROPAGATING the disinformation and sensationalism and start being more objective.

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