Openness and Honesty About Aliens and UFOs in the UK


A video that shows David Cameron promising to be open and frank about extraterrestrial life has increased hopes of an official announcement of the existence of such life outside planet Earth.

UFO hunters are expecting and wishing that US President Barack Obama will go public about it before leaving the office.

Lobbyist Stephen Bassett believes that if Americans make the first move, the Prime Minister will follow suit.

It looks like the Tory leader will love such move after stating that no government shall hide the truth.

Richard’s letter to David Cameron asks for an interview

Chartered electrical engineer, Richard D Hall, interviewed Cameron in 2009 (before he became Prime Minister) and asked him about Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who said on a British radio station that the American government have had contact with aliens on multiple occasions and still happening at present.

The Tory chief poked fun at the question at first saying that alien life forms have been visiting Earth, and one of them was the trade secretary Peter Mandelson.

However, it looked like he changed his tone when he found out that Richard, who hosts the television show Rich Plane and runs the Rich Planet website, was serious about it.

David Cameron's polite reply
David Cameron’s polite reply

According to Cameron, he has no idea whether ET intelligent life exists or alien sightings that have happened have any basis in truth.

He adds that UFO or alien sighting reports tend to have rational explanations and show that they are not what people who believe in UFOs suggest. However, he notes that the government should be as open as possible. He is happy to give the public a guarantee that he is open and frank about it because it‘s not something that any government should hide from anybody.

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