Richard Hoffman: UFO Investigation in 5 Decades

Richard Hoffman

An Unidentified Flying Object is any anomaly hovering in the sky that is not readily identifiable to the naked eye. Unidentified Flying Objects has always been a debatable subject to people of different ages. Its broad topic and difficult to investigate in nature make the process unresolved for a longer period. Alleged alien sightings have been associated with crank claims, such as the visitation by extraterrestrial life or any government-related conspiracy theories. Since 1964, Richard Hoffman from Open Minds UFO Radio has researched more details about the UFO phenomenon. He is an IT professional that is currently in the Mississippi and Alabama state director for the biggest network called the Mutual UFO Network. He also serves as a director for the planned assignments. He is also part of the Scientific Coalition for Ufology, which is an organization that studied a mysterious video being spotted by the Department of Homeland Security.

In an interview, experts have spoken to Rich about how he obtained the UFO investigations, such as his interactions along with the official UFO investigation by the government called the Project Blue Book. Experts have also spoken to Rich regarding the most recent developments of the Homeland Security footage. You will get to know more information about the Alabama/Mississippi by visiting their page. Do extraterrestrials exist? Thousands of videos and pictures of aliens are taken each year, and the believers believe that a lot of them could be evidence or even a conspiracy. While some stories have been debunked as fakes, some dozens have left the experts wondering and scratching their heads if creatures from other planets have visited humans. It is common to see individuals decide what is genuine, and what is not and all of this on the unverified assumption that people had little to no knowledge as opposed to the people today.

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