Mummified Alien Discovered In Russia: Does It Belong To Extraterrestrial Race

For decades, sky and eyes have met to discover the buzzing by the world of unidentified flying objects. Known as UFO, these flying saucers or extraterrestrials have come a long way to share the skies with humans. Alien visitors have been a part of our culture, which is a far-out phenomenon when some judged against Bigfoot and Loch Ness monster. UFOs remain a riddle wrapped in an enigma of mystery. Why so? It is replete with awful video and blurry photos. However, then there are also puzzled and well-intentioned witnesses.

Uralian Alien

Russian police officers spotted the body of a creature of Kyshtym in 1996. Due to its unearthly features and small size, it was dubbed as the ‘Kyshtym alien’ by the media. When the doctor performed an autopsy, he found out that it was neither animal nor human. Dr. Stanoslav Samoshkin was in charge of the anatomy department when the mysterious body was brought for analysis. According to the findings, the creature was not a human being. It consists of six bones, and that skull was made up of 4 bones. In the skeleton structure, there were differences. Those anomalies did not look like congenital malformations. The mummified creature was 10 inches, had a disfigured and enlarged head, and its eye sockets occupied its face. It was presumed that when it was alive, the Kystym alien looked different from humans. However, it bears a resemblance to Ata, the bizarre mummified body in 2003 found in the Atacama Desert.

Kyshtym alienOne story was about an illiterate and an old woman named Tamara Prosvirina who found a small alien while it was alive. She discovered the small creature in a tomb, took it home, gave it to ‘Aleshenka’, and raised it as her child. The exact origins were still unknown, but the discovery is interesting. To study the body and understand the mechanism through genetic analysis, paranormal and analyst Vadim Chernobrov had traveled from Moscow. Numerous attempts were made to recover the body but have been unsuccessful. Later, rumors resurfaced about the mummified body being cursed when it started to spread. Seeking for the truth could be difficult due to the lack of evidence.

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