Bombshell Video Shows Police Helicopter Circling A UFO Above Los Angeles


Footage surprisingly shows a police helicopter circling a UFO several times. The clip was reportedly recorded in Los Angeles, California, USA. A resident allegedly captured the video after he heard a loud sound outside his house. Videographer Tom revealed that he used his phone to record the UFO sighting. He described it as something unusual being tracked by the LAPD.

He said that the helicopter was circling non-stop for about 12 minutes.

Initially, he thought the helicopter was looking for someone but when he walked outside something stood out that it was circling.

The witness was not sure about the UFO, but it sounded ridiculous and looked like a craft with two windows on it.

One viewer commented that it was surprising the military did not show up or the government, but they know that many things were not being told to the citizens.

Another commenter speculated that the UFO was probably staying still because it was afraid of the helicopter.

Another one claimed that the video looks real.

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    • Helium-filled balloons can stay stationary in an updraft for quite some time, and obviously, the chopper wasn’t bothered by it.

    • no they can’t. and the air movement generated by the helicopter would have moved any balloon. i’ve never seen a balloon this shape have you? it could be a drone but the police would have recognized that. it’s not a balloon or a drone. what is it?

  1. If the cameraman had a clear shot of the object, why is the video only 10 sec and doesn’t show what happened to it.
    Why is there no witness that explains where the object disappeared to?
    There doesn’t seem to been any clear references to investigate further…
    It all smells like BS…

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