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A Passenger Of A Plane Films At Least Eight Mysterious UFOs

November 27, 2015 // 3 Comments

A plane’s passenger claim he has captured a strange activity involving at least eight UFOs that hover below a commercial flight to Taiwan. The witness pulled out his iPhone to document the unusual event on video. He claimed to have seen between eight and ten bright lights in the sky […]

People From Russia and Kazakhstan Witness Similar UFO

November 23, 2015 // 5 Comments

A UFO buzzing over an IKEA branch in Siberia left many Russians scared and amazed. The strange sighting involved a fireball UFO streaking through the sky. Many witnessed it from different parts of the country, as well as from Kazakhstan, creating speculation about space alien visit. A video taken from […]

UFO over North Korea!

November 21, 2015 // 4 Comments

Here’s one interesting report from The Third Millennium about this interesting sighting of a horseshoe-shaped UFO in the sky above Wonsan in North Korea. This happened on 15th September 2015.

Russia: Giant UFO Causes People To Run Away In Fear

November 3, 2015 // 9 Comments

A woman claimed to have seen a glowing object in the sky above the capital of Buryatia, Russia. The photo of the object, which was particularly taken in Ulan-Ude, shows lots of green lights and some red and blue colors. The photo was first uploaded to Vkontakte – the Russian […]

A Video Footage Shows UFO over Saudi: A Truth or a Myth?

November 2, 2015 // 5 Comments

Virtually any newbie who enters search phrases in search engines such as “UFO sightings”, “Triangular Objects” or “UFO Videos” will probably be amazed at the significant amount of results accessible. Practically speaking, Unidentified Flying Objects are mysterious subject matters that are soaring in the sky that are not subject to […]

Prehistoric Rock Paintings Show A UFO and Aliens

October 29, 2015 // 6 Comments

Did extraterrestrials visit Earth 10,000 years ago, close to the time when humanity invented writing and the wheel? Some, of course, believed aliens did and there were paintings to prove it. In 2014, an Indian archaeologist claimed that 10,000-year-old paintings on a rock in Charama, India were a substantial evidence […]

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