US Military Helicopter’s Encounter with a UFO in Alaska Eyewitness in Alaska

In the vast, rugged landscapes of Alaska, where the population is sparse and the night skies are dark, the possibility of encountering the unknown seems almost inevitable. This was the case for Bill Sleezeman, a longtime resident and dock manager in Seward, Alaska, who witnessed a bizarre and unexplained event involving a military helicopter and what he believes was a UFO.

One evening, just before dark, Bill was at his log cabin when the sound of a helicopter caught his attention. He grabbed his binoculars to get a better look and noticed something unusual about the helicopter. Unlike typical military Black Hawks, this one had no identifiable markings—no numbers, letters, or insignias. It was completely blacked out, hovering silently over the area.

As Bill watched, his attention was suddenly drawn away from the helicopter to something far more extraordinary. A massive aircraft, unlike any he had seen before, appeared in the sky. He described it as being huge—possibly up to 2,000 feet in length and several hundred feet wide, with a striking gray-silver color. Its sheer size dwarfed any known man-made vessel, including super tankers.

What made the aircraft particularly mesmerizing was a diamond-like crystal embedded in its underside, emitting an array of blue, white, and red lights. The spectacle was so close to Bill’s home that he could make out these details vividly. Overwhelmed by the sight, he experienced a peculiar sensation, a kind of humming energy that he had never felt before, which prompted him to seek validation from his neighbors. Upon confirmation that others could also see the mysterious craft, Bill settled in his yard to observe the phenomenon for hours.

The next morning, the local community buzzed with talks of the sighting. Reports flooded into KSRM radio’s SoundOff, a popular local show hosted by Bob Bird in Nikiskie, Alaska. Callers described seeing strange lights performing maneuvers impossible for conventional aircraft, moving horizontally and vertically without a sound and casting reflections on the waters of Cook Inlet.

This incident raises many questions about the presence and interest of military operations in tracking unexplained aerial phenomena. The complete lack of insignia on the Black Hawk helicopter suggests a covert operation, possibly linked to monitoring or engaging with the unidentified craft. It’s a scenario that echoes a broader pattern of military encounters with unexplained aerial phenomena, which often remain shrouded in secrecy and speculation.

While skeptics may dismiss such incidents as misidentifications or exaggerations, the sheer number of witnesses and the specific details observed make this particular sighting hard to ignore. For residents like Bill, the experience is not just a fleeting moment but a profound event that challenges our understanding of what exists in the vast unexplored skies above us.

As stories like Bill’s continue to emerge, they fuel a growing public curiosity about what other secrets the universe might hold—especially those that might be hovering just out of sight, in the remote and mysterious expanses of places like Alaska.

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  1. Most if not all U.S. military helicopters have insignias on them, you just can’t see them unless your standing close by since they’re nearly completely covered with the base color paint to make it less visible at night.

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