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Illinois: 5 floating orbs over Lake Michigan 27-Sep-2016

September 28, 2016 // 0 Comments

Check out this amazing footage of a bright orbs hovering in the sky above Lake Michigan in US state Illinois. This was filmed yesterday (27th August 2016). Witness report: At 7:25 PM on 9-27-2016 I looked out my window to see 5 bright lights floating over Lake Michigan. Specifically in […]

A Man In Auburn, Washington Spots A UFO With Fins

September 24, 2016 // 1 Comment

A teardrop-shaped UFO with fins has made an appearance in Auburn, Washington, according to the witness who was driving to a family members’ home. He first noticed the object at 2:18 p.m. on September 4, 2016. On the first look, he thought it was just a stealth-type plane, but the […]

Camper Captures UFO Over Nevada In Video

September 22, 2016 // 3 Comments

Two unidentified flying objects appeared to the view of the witness at Denio in Nevada. The witness was at a campground in northwestern Nevada to set up a campsite shortly after dark on September 24, 2015, when he noticed flashes. It was a clear night when the incident took place, […]

Bright orb flying over Southfield, Michigan 24-Jun-2016

September 19, 2016 // 1 Comment

Here’s one interesting footage of a bright unidentified flying object flying across the daytime sky above Southfield (northern suburb of Detroit), Michigan. This was filmed on 24th July 2016. Witness report: During a break at work, I noticed an object hovering above a nearby tree. After approximately 15-20 seconds of […]

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