UFO Propulsion Secrets: Expert Reveals 170′ Barbell Craft Encounter

UFO Propulsion Secrets Revealed

In a riveting video interview, Phil Leech, a ufologist and state section director for MUFON in Indiana, sits down with a Department of Defense contractor who describes an extraordinary UFO encounter during a hunting trip in Canada. The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect his defense department business contacts, provides a detailed account of a 170-foot-long, dog bone-shaped craft that emitted blue plasma and explains its high-frequency electromagnetic propulsion system.

The Encounter

The UFO sighting took place on August 28, 2013, in the wilderness of southwestern Ontario, Canada. The witness, an advanced technology expert and Department of Defense contractor, was on a black bear hunting trip with two other hunters. As they were driving back to civilization in a Dodge 4×4 truck, the witness noticed a bright light over his shoulder. Initially thinking it might be a helicopter, he quickly realized it was something far more unusual.

Described as a barbell-shaped craft, the UFO was observed at a low altitude, approximately 150 to 175 feet. It emitted brilliant, coherent light and was enveloped in indigo plasma. The craft was about 170 feet long, 60 feet wide, and 20 feet tall. Despite its size and brightness, the craft was completely silent.

Detailed Observations

Using a high-powered rifle scope, the witness was able to closely observe the craft. He noted that the lights emitted by the craft were like tens of thousands of small lit particles, similar to those seen in a fountain-type firework. Technically, the witness described this as coherent light, explaining it was like looking into a laser that had been passed through a diffraction grating.

The craft rotated slowly around its center, emitting an electrical spark-like shower opposite to its direction of travel. This rotation and the light pattern provided crucial insights into the craft’s propulsion system. The witness attempted to capture video footage using a Motorola cell phone and a Sony HD camera, but both devices malfunctioned, likely due to the craft’s strong electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic Propulsion System

The witness, drawing from his experience with high-frequency electromagnetic systems, hypothesized that the craft’s propulsion system was based on a complex spinning electromagnetic field. He suggested that the indigo plasma surrounding the craft was indicative of a high-voltage, high-frequency system. The plasma depth and the craft’s surface area led him to estimate that the propulsion system required approximately 160 megawatts of power, roughly a third of the output of a nuclear power plant.

Verification and Analysis

This remarkable case was investigated by Robert Powell, a nanotechnology expert, and Phil Leech. Powell, intrigued by the witness’s detailed account, visited the defense contractor’s engineering business to verify the authenticity of his claims. Together, they analyzed the video footage using an oscilloscope, a device that measures changes in electrical voltage and frequency. The analysis revealed a perfect pulsation function in the white noise of the video, matching the rotation of the craft’s lights.

VIDEO: Chris Lehto – UFO Propulsion Secrets Revealed: Expert Witness Breaks Down 170′ Barbell Craft

Powell’s investigation confirmed the credibility of the witness and the unusual characteristics of the craft. The electromagnetic interference captured on video provided physical evidence supporting the witness’s description of the craft’s propulsion system.

Implications and Conclusions

The detailed account and technical analysis provided by the witness offer significant insights into advanced UFO technology. The high-frequency electromagnetic propulsion system described in this case aligns with theories about how UFOs might achieve silent, efficient movement. The witness’s calculations and observations suggest that such a system is capable of generating immense power within a relatively compact craft.

This case stands out due to the witness’s expertise and the thorough investigation conducted by Powell and Leech. The combination of firsthand observation, technical knowledge, and physical evidence makes this one of the most compelling UFO encounters documented to date. As research continues, this case may provide a foundation for understanding the advanced technologies that underpin UFO propulsion systems.

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