Two new sightings from Niagra Falls

Another 2 sightings came from Niagra Falls Canada. Both were taken on 23th November 2009.

“This is one of the many clips I made in HD with my Camcorder during my Novembner 23rd sighting. I could barely see a flash when the blue light blinked very bright after getting hit by 1 of the Casino spot lights. I increased the brightness so you can barely see the 2 amber ( appearing grey here ) lights with the blue flash 2/3 from the right amber ball. without my telescope it was hard to capture it better. YOu can’t even see the THIRD glowing amberish light at all here. I had settings on HD. I got HD alright….HD DARKNESS!”

“My THRID and so far, most spectacular viewing of MULTIPLE objects over the Niagara Falls area first time was Nov 10th, second time Nov 15th and this time November 23rd 2009. This signting lasted 4 hours this time after it faded in and out a few times, and had 1 amazing climax around 7pm with multiple objects of different shapes appearing! PS I know about the 2 typo’s, I just wanted to get it up here asap”
Author (shivercanada @ youtube)

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