Daytime unknown light in the sky above Buenos Aires

Strange moving, unknown light in the sky above Buenos Aires Argentina, recorded on November 12 2009.
“Luminous UFOs I managed to shoot on Thursday November 12, 2009, at 16:50 pm approximately, and from the district of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can see an object that has a horizontal course, and goes very quickly, which slows and speeds, and is accompanied by other small objects, and whose paths cross in a vertical object. This detail is very important because it is a typical feature in the appearances of such objects. It is very obvious the large amount of evidence being made film, which shows main items which are accompanied by other smaller ones, perform exactly the behavior that this film can be seen.
It feels a thrill when you know that these objects are there constantly.
As additional data I can say I used my camera Sony TRV 510, and detected the object mode Neg & Art, which became video editing for better exposure of the images.”

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