Moving orb changing colors, Georgia US

Latest UFO sighting – Bright luminary in the sky that flashed brightly the following colors: red, blue, green, orange and white. It moved both horizontally and vertically. This video was recorded in Georgia, US on 6th January 2010 at 8 pm.

“On Jan. 6th at 8pm, I was on my way, along with a group of colleagues, to a meeting. We noticed a very bright luminary in approximately the same place that Sirius is in the sky at that time. This luminary was behaving very differently than an ordinary star and appeared larger than Sirius. It was flashing color in a patterned way, red, blue green, white. It moved vertically and horizontally as well. We watched it for about 1/2 hour, and it was still in the sky when we left. A video of the same luminary was made at 3:43am, 7 hours later about 50 degrees from the horizon in the SE sky. The enclosed footage will show clearly the behavior of this luminary. The camera was on a tripod, as stated at about 3 minutes into the footage. It was witnessed for about 45 minutes and remained there even after taping stopped.”
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. I live in Carollton GA and saw this in my back yard last night 05/04/2010 there was one about a mile from my house just above tree line that caught my eye and then went behind tree line several minutes later my husband I were outside looking and saw several more at a longer distance but with several colors of light flashing and hoovering on each corner of our house

  2. Last night at about 10:00pm my husband and I saw two objects in the sky that had rotating, flashing, lights that were red, green, blue, and yellow. It was scary. We were able to get an even closer look through his scope on his hunting rifle and it didn't look like any plane or helicopter I have ever seen. The one closest to us just disappeared after a while and then we saw it moving really

  3. My girlfriend and I saw the same thing in NW Oklahoma about 5 months ago, we tried to get closer but it kept moving. Then about 4 months later my little brother called my and was hysterical. He said him and a friend were walking home one and they saw the same thing. They screamed at it and it began to come closer to them very quickly. They ran and when they looked back it was gone. Very weird

  4. its real i live in south georgia and have taped it with my nephew he first saw it and i thought yeah right until 1 night we were heading into bainbridge ga and there it was in the sky about like the video but you could see it changing color with the naked eye and it was slowly moving to the east and south i got out and shot some video tried to zoom in on it but lost focus left and came back to

  5. I also live in south gorgia and have seen this quite often. I live out in the country where it is very dark and I have a great view of the star filled sky,so at first I just assumed that it was a star reacting to the atmosphere. as I continued to look for it nightly it became clear that it would be thier one night and gone the next.I now look for it quite regularly as I am now convinced that this

  6. Whatever they are, they seem to mainly flash red, blue, green & white. I saw a flashing orb (or two of them, but only captured one on film) on November 27, 2010. It was seen outside of Atlanta, GA & a mysterious boom was heard in a nearby city (Douglas County) the same night or the very next morning. Creepy.

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