Orange object over Edmonton, Canada

Latest UFO sighting – Unknown orange object was recorded over Fort Saskatchewan – Edmonton, Canada on 10th January 2010 around 8:20 pm.

“This video is taken on Range Road 230 facing NWW at 8:12 pm on January 20th, 2010. It was visible for about 3 minutes, and then disappeared.
Prior to this sighting I had three Angelic Ships take a pass close to me in Ft. Saskatchewan itself.
The first pass when I was at Hugh’s park. The pass was high up, over the river.
The second pass was when I was at Hugh’s park, facing 101st street and the pass was parallel to say 103 ave. It was much lower and I got the impression a low pass was not possible in that area.
I went to a new subdivision out around the area of 101st street. As I stood there I got another low pass coming from the direction of Range Road 225 which I could not figure out how to get there, so I went to Range Road 230 off the highway where I filmed this. This light was not in the sky when I was in the other three areas, and came up seconds after me getting out of my vehicle.
I am still searching for the elusive green UFO rumored to be out that way as per a security guard.”
Author (soulplayorb @ youtube)

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  1. i saw it tonight oct 18/10<br />its been around my place. i live on whyte ave. and it comes closer and hovers and has red and blue flashing lights. it used to be in the north night sky now its showing up on the south . <br /><br />tonight has been the longest sighting of it. started at 2 am and still in sky.

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