Ring-type UFO over Manhattan beach, California

Latest UFO sighting from January 14, 2010 – This clip shows a ring type of ufo light swaning around above Manhattan beach, California near the airport, the clip starts with a heavey zoom that it pulls back at approx 2.30min mark of video to give a little perspective to distance from camera operator and from ground….

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  1. Want to know some-indepth stuff on the matter:<br />check &quot;Ra material / Law of one&quot; by LLresearch.org<br />google &quot;law of one pdf version&quot;

  2. well i dont know if this video is fake, because iv seen alot of fake alien ufo videos and this one does not fit the description, and even if it was fake, id like to see a statement on how it was fake because there is no video reconfiguration, and if i were to name a man made object that looked circular in the sky, i would have to say its a really high bright light shining on a buch of clouds in

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