UFO over Denver

Latest UFO sighting video of strange UFO recorded in Denver, Colorado on 7th January 2010.

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  1. strobe lights, check<br />landing lights, check<br />nav lights, check<br />beacon light, check<br /><br />Conclusion: It&#39;s a bloody airplane…not a UFO. <br />Jesus, anyone can see that!!!

  2. Well i just had a person send me an email about the beings that your talking about, the email-er said that the beings are a threat to us all, and to look up the &quot;The Incident at Kelly&quot; on youtube, well i watched it and there very well could have been an incident, and the beings that were there weren&#39;t their to harm them or they would have told us of it?Right or wrong? Either way

  3. In the same way that there are people that go to the library to charge their cell phones and at other places, it is possible that the aliens in U.F.O.s might be using planet Earth as a charging station for their U.F.O.s to have electricity, etc.

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