Daytime UFO sighting from Bosnia

Latest UFO sighting – Daytime disc-shaped UFO recorded in Kupres, Bosnia. This video was recorded today (8th February 2010) at 2:30 pm.

Recent UFO sighting. NLO videnje u Bosni, Balkan. metallic silver UFO. ovni.

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  1. Hy, I&#39;m from Croatia so I can understand them perfectly! So, firs the kid says: this is my brother Marko and we&#39;re going for a sleigh ride. Then he turnes the camera out, spots the ufo and says: Marko, never mind the sleigh, come see this, quickly! Then, I guess, the mother says, oooh, what the F* is that! Leave it and come in side!<br />They do sound credible..

  2. they do not sound credible at all dude ! This is 100% fake . Dont waste ur time watching this shit<br />They should delete this video from the website

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