New UFO footage from Niagara Falls

Latest UFO sightings – New footage from Niagara Falls and daytime video of that area without UFO activity. This was taken on 26th and 27th March 2010.
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March 27th clip and a few pictures.
Sadly my MAIN FOOTAGE, over 40 minutes of direct line connection of my Digital Night vision didn’t work as the VCR heads didn’t actually record even though record was on and tape was turning.
My Power inverter for my car obviously didn’t have enough power to actually have the VCR record.
My inverter is 110 Watts and 140 max for a short time.
Included a daytime clip of the area from my March 20th 2010 video and night time footage of the area I took my March 21st video with no UFO present to compare what it normally looks like.
Author (shivercanada @youtube)

Most recent UFO sightings reports and evidences from north America.

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