Lightship recorded over volcano Eyjafjallajokulla, Iceland

Latest UFO sightings – New UFO activity over volcano Eyjafjallajokulla in Iceland; cylinder shaped “lightship” was recorded on Wednesday, 28th April 2010 at 0:45 am.

LUS 2010, most recent UFO sighting reports & evidences. Real UFOs on net. Cigar-shaped light-ship over western Europe – EU. Ovni avvistamento, NLP, NLN, NLO, OZN.

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  1. its not a&#39;rod&#39; i don&#39;t think…it&#39;s a much larger craft..<br /><br />i&#39;m a complete believer in aliens and ufo&#39;s etc..<br />but those rod videos don&#39;t really convince me, maybe I have only seen poor videos of them…but loads are hoaxes.<br /><br />the wormhole videos are amazing though.<br /><br />this video clearly looks like a fast ufo surveying the volcano…<br /

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