New UFO photographs from Latvia

Latest UFO sightings – Photographs of UFOs taken in Riga, Latvia on Monday and Tuesday (19 & 20 April 2010) and submitted to

Photographing the same object on 2 difrent days… from 2 wiew pooints… from my backyard and second from the bridge
the last two images p420 9,10 a shots of other objects arount the main one… in the last picture there is 7 objects in the picture… who are not stars….
also i dont know what is thet hey circle from pic p420 2-6 and in one picture there are 3 of them in straigt line .. in the picture 420 (11) they are visible. those arnt birds .

Author – Juris J

Monday, 19th April 2010 (P419)

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Tuesday, 20th April 2010 (P420)

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