Dark UFO spotted in the sky over Lemoyne, PA

Latest UFO sightings – Dark daytime UFO (probe) was recorded over Lemoyne, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, 25th May 2010 around 8:35 pm.

[qoute] Dark object observed over Lemoyne, PA by 3 witnesses, captured on video.
Around 8:35PM on the evening of May 25, 2010, I noticed a small dark elliptical object at about 50° altitude in the eastern sky. The object seemed to be slowly drifting easterly towards a compass heading of approximately 70°. I took one still picture before the object moved behind my house.
After moving to another position, I began filming and reacquired sight of the object at approximately 8:40PM. At this time the object was approximately at 40° altitude at a compass heading of 95°. The object appeared stationary for a brief time before reversing direction and heading westerly towards a compass heading of 290°. The object seemed to increase speed as it moved. I tracked the object as it moved towards the zenith until it became obscured behind a tree’s leaves at 8:43PM. After moving to an area with a clearer view of the western sky, I failed to reacquire sight of the object.
I filmed the object on a DV camera at 10x optical zoom. The object was either very high or very small because it was hard to make out any details.
No exhaust, lights, or sound were observed.
My brother viewed the object through 10×20 binoculars and describes the object as geometric, possibly diamond shaped. Another brother viewing with his naked eyes describes the object as moving with a wobbling characteristic.
Author (source: mufon)

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