UFO activity recorded over Riga, Latvia

Latest UFO sightings – Another UFO sighting was reported to our site from Riga, Latvia – Tuesday, 27th April 2010.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Here is 4 sets of pictures each taken in difrent period of time as seen on the pictures times…
1 set 00:47-01:15
2 set 01:57-02:15
3 set 04:25-04:30 IN MID NIGHT
4 set 05:06-08:12
I would got to report faster but that web cam was under maintanaince.. for 2 weeks….
Yes and those objects is there every night and the people just dont watch the skies..
These object is the same as other Latvia sightings…. they are there every night …..
I was browsing the webcams and saw something strange many objects in the sky so i started to snapshoting the webcams feed…. from a site…
I took the first two sets and then then i decided to quit for now ,2 hours had past and i decided to check the camera again in 04:25 and saw big light moving very slowly and disapearing in mid air …
The set 4 … i was just randomly snaping un till it gets sunny so yall could see that these objects stayed there for whole night
This is probably my best find yet…

Author – Juris J.
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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