Unkown light filmed ovet Turku, Finland

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown light was recorded in the sky over Turkiu Finland on Monday, 10th May 2010 and submitted to me.

I spotted UFO in Turku, Finland in 10. May, 2010. The UFO had stayed on the same spot (where you can see it in the very beginning of the video) for about a minute when I was able to start recording a video of it. It did not look natural – that’s why I grabbed the cellphone and started recording a video of it. The sky was very heavily clouded that night and you were unable to see any stars that night so it was not a bright star. Nor was it an airplane – like I said I witnessed it staying on the same spot for about a minute. Airplane could not do that. And it was 22:50 pm and this happened right in the central of Turku city in Finland so there should definitely be no airplanes that hour and airplanes do not fly over Turku city central anyway.
Here’s the video of it – recorded with HTC Dream G1 and the video was uploaded to YouTube unmodified. What you see and hear is what the cellphone was able to capture.
Author – Jussi N.
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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  1. Kuvassa on lentokoneen lähestymisvalot. Ne voivat näyttää olevan paikallaan pitkänkin aikaa silloin kun kone on tulossa suoraan kohti, kuten tässä tapauksessa. Kirkkaalla säällä ne näkyvät Ruotsin puolelta Helsinkiin asti. …sit noi lentokoneen äänet myös vaikutti tähän tulkintaan… 🙂

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