Billionaire space pioneer Robert Bigelow warns of dangers of UFOs

“I’ve been a researcher and student of U.F.O.’s for many, many years,” Mr. Bigelow said. “Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, come away absolutely convinced. You don’t have to have personal encounters.”
Sunday, 13th June 2010 – He added: “People have been killed. People have been hurt. It’s more than observational kind of data.”(source: new york times)
In a New York Times interview with the billionaire space pioneer, Robert Bigelow warns that people have been hurt and killed by what the Vatican has called our ‘Alien Brothers.’
Bigelow is in the process of building a space port in New Mexico. According to his website
“Bigelow Aerospace is dedicated to developing next-generation crewed space complexes to revolutionize space commerce and open up the final frontier to all of humanity. At Bigelow Aerospace, we’re building the future today!”
Evidently what Bigelow is referring to when he warns of ET is the rash of reported mysterious disappearances of fighter jets and aircraft during the cold war. During that time it was reported that the US and the Brits had an open fire policy on the ETs. In short, pilots were ordered to try to shoot UFOs out of the sky.
As you can imagine our ‘Alien Brothers’ didn’t take kindly to that. The story goes that they retaliated by taking out quite a few of our fighter jets and airliners.
ET must not have liked our brand of hospitality. Later, according to the story, the military gave up on trying to shoot down the UFOs because they were losing too many of their aircraft.
Whether ET is our space brothers or not, it is clear they don’t like to interfere in our disasters. There is a monumental oil gusher in the Gulf and humanity could use a little help right now.
However, there were some witness reports of a UFO over Chernobyl. The witnesses said that the UFOs interfered to save humanity from the Nuke disaster. But they evidently didn’t do a good enough job because it is estimated that a million people lost their lives to the radiation that spread throughout the planet.
ETs have also been said to do a lot of work with cows. They are said to be responsible for the mysterious cattle mutilations throughout the planet.
Perhaps Bigelow is correct in that Aliens aren’t that friendly. But at this point I am more concerned about corporate criminals and the US military industrial complex than ET.
These mad power elite seem intent on killing most of the planet for greed and profit.
ETs just seem interested in doing some sightseeing and experimenting on a crazed human population.
Maybe they are wondering what the hell is wrong with all of us.
By Grant Lawrence
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RAF Pilots Ordered to Shoot Down UFOs

The RAF has tried to shoot down UFOs under instructions by the Ministry of Defence, a former employee has revealed.
Pilots have took aim at Unidentified Flying Objects several times but failed to bring them down, Nick Pope claimed.
Mr Pope, who worked on the MoD’s UFO section for three years, said the ‘shoot down’ directive had been in place since the 1980s.
This picture of a supposed UFO sighting in Tonbridge, Kent in 2002 was sent into the local newspaper and investigated for its authenticity by UFO magazine
‘We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down — with little effect to the UFO,’ Mr Pope said.
Firing at UFOs was ‘not automatic but happens when something in our airspace is deemed to be a threat’ he said.
‘In the case of UFOs, whether the object is causing a threat is very much a (pilot’s) judgment call,’ he told the paper.
Mr Pope, a 43-year-old Londoner, said the rules of engagement were drawn up after dozens of encounters with unidentified craft.
He said: ‘There was a faction in the MoD who said “We want to shoot down a UFO and that will resolve the issue one way or another”.’
Mr Pope, who worked as a civil servant at the MoD for 21 years, claimed that witnesses had given statements about dozens of near-misses between UFOs and planes, RAF jets and police helicopters.
Nick Pope claims the MoD has ordered RAF pilots to attack UFOs
But details of such incidents would never be released, he said.
‘The public won’t know unless it comes down in a heavily-populated area,’ he said.
‘I do believe we will bring one down. We’re developing increasingly sophisticated weapons.’
Mr Pope said the government has no way of knowing if the UFOs pose a threat because the cases are never fully investigated.
‘They will try to play it down by talking about flying saucers and little green men. But there are MPs and ministers and a faction of the MoD who do believe in UFOs,’ he added.
The MoD has refused to comment on Mr Pope’s claims or the existence of any UFO-related directives.
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Chernobyl Nuke Disaster Estimated to Kill Nearly One Million People
Chernobyl Radiation Killed Nearly One Million People: New Book / Source: ENS
– Nearly one million people around the world died from exposure to radiation released by the 1986 nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl reactor, finds a new book from the New York Academy of Sciences published today on the 24th anniversary of the meltdown at the Soviet facility.
The book, “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment,” was compiled by authors Alexey Yablokov of the Center for Russian Environmental Policy in Moscow, and Vassily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko of the Institute of Radiation Safety, in Minsk, Belarus.
The authors examined more than 5,000 published articles and studies, most written in Slavic languages and never before available in English.
The authors said, “For the past 23 years, it has been clear that there is a danger greater than nuclear weapons concealed within nuclear power. Emissions from this one reactor exceeded a hundred-fold the radioactive contamination of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”
“No citizen of any country can be assured that he or she can be protected from radioactive contamination. One nuclear reactor can pollute half the globe,” they said. “Chernobyl fallout covers the entire Northern Hemisphere.”
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UFO Aliens Blamed for Disturbing Cattle Mutilations in Southern Colorado
San Luis Valley is an extensive Alpine valley covering 8,000 square miles of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.
The area is a hot spot for UFO activity.
But over the last couple of years, this area is gaining a reputation for something a bit more disturbing.
Cattle Mutilations.
Some people believe these mutilations are cult related. But I find that highly unlikely. First off they have occurred in numerous areas of the US. Secondly, the mutilations are usually done with extreme precision and generally leaving little blood. Finally, it is often reported that other wild animals will not touch the mutilated remains.
Some have claimed this is a government experiment. But it seems to me the government could get access to its own cows.
Those that have been abducted often claim that Aliens are collecting samples to measure the environmental degradation and damage of earth. This may explain the reason for the cattle mutilations.
But there is also another more disturbing explanation.
Some have claimed that ETs are collecting cow parts for DNA and genetic manipulation to support some sort of hybrid beings.
The cattle mutilations are a mystery. However, solving that mystery may not make us any more comfortable in our knowledge.
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Cattle Mutilations: Blame it on ET
These cattle mutilations are highly mysterious. If stories are true, then perhaps there is some genetic extractions or manipulations that are being made by ET with these cattle.

Several waves of cattle mutilation were reported in the end of the 20th century. A mysterious “predator” opened animal carcasses cutting out their internal organs. The predator was unstoppable and dead cattle were found even in zoos. Source: Pravda
The most mutilations occurred in 1975 – 1976, the worst of them found in the US. There were thousands of victims. In Colorado alone three cows on average were mutilated on a daily basis. Governor Richard Lamm then stated that the mutilations were “one of the greatest outrages in the history of western cattle industry.” Once, buffaloes were mutilated in Cheyenne Mountain that at the time hosted a US Air Force Defense Station. The predators were not stopped by thousands of soldiers patrolling the area. Bloodless animal carcasses remained the challenge that the Americans could not stand up to.
In 2009, cattle mutilators came back. On March 8, a dead cow was found near the Purgatoire River by Mike Duran, a cattle rancher.
“She’s an older cow so I thought she may have died. … I spotted her near the (Purgatoire) river bottom and went and looked at her. She was on her side and it looked a little odd. When I took a closer look I saw that her udders had been removed,” Duran said. It appeared as if the utters were cut off with a laser. There was no blood on or around the carcass and the incisions were perfectly round.
Two weeks later, Jim Garren, a rancher from Walsenburg, Colorado, also found a dead cow with its udders cut off.
“We searched and searched and we could not find blood on the ground or on the cow. I just can’t understand how anyone could surgically remove a part from an animal and not spill some blood,” he said.
Absence of blood is one of the characteristics of an invisible forces’ attack. After opening carcasses, veterinarians find out that there is not a single drop of blood in them. It is very difficult to bleed out an animal because when arteries are cut open, veins close and hold the blood back. The blood can be removed by pumping salt solution through arteries, but it is difficult to do in a field.
Rancher Tom Miller found one of his calves dead near a feed tub where cows congregate to eat twice daily.
“It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. I cut the hide and the legs just fell off. All the bones were broken,” Miller said.
This happens when a mutilated animal is thrown down from above. There were a number of cases when ranchers found carcasses in the trees, hanging off power lines, or other places where a cow cannot get on its own. Traces of animals in the snow or mud would suddenly disappear as if the animals were lifted in the air. Coyotes and vultures would not touch the carcasses. 
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