Daytime UFO hovering over crop circle in Canada

Latest UFO sightings – This footage was made in New Brunswick, Canada on Friday, 11th June 2010. Author claims that it shows some kind of daytime UFO hovering over crop circle.

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  1. Has anyone tried to enhance/freeze the object that streams by, right to left, at the 6.31 mark in the video? It crosses the entire field of view in less than &quot;1&quot; second. Watching it frame by frame, it appears to be triangular in shape and black in color?<br /><br />Rabboni T ReVealer

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  3. Actually it looks like the Blimp the have hovering above Limestone Maine and you can see it from New Brunswick and looks exactly the same as in the video, That must have been taken somewhere along Grand Falls New Brunswick area.

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