Daytime UFO probe flying over Hayward, California

Latest UFO sightings – Strange object, possible UFO probe was recorded in the daylight sky over Hayward, California. This footage was taken on Wednesday, 23rd June 2010.
LUS 2010, most recent UFO sighting reports, evidences and proofs. Real UFOs on net from north America in 90’s, The States, USA. Disc-shaped object. New news ovni aliens apocalypse 2012 debate forum aliens.

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  1. &quot;I got a full battery. <br /><br />I got a full memory card.&quot;<br /><br />Yeah, and you&#39;ve got one mylar balloon. I didn&#39;t know Safeway sold UFO&#39;s.

  2. 9 people think this is real?! Are you kidding me?? Can you not see the friggin&#39; string?! It&#39;s a balloon, man. Like the kind with helium!

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