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UFO Landing Site Found In New Mexico

Posted 6/04/2010 – Aliens exist, and they’ve landed in New Mexico before. So says a group of concerned citizens from Angel Fire, New Mexico known as the Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences, who say that after a vigorous investigation, an alien landing is the only explanation for the bizarre markings found in a pasture in Moreno Valley, outside of town. Not only has the Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences studied the pasture (owned by Judy Piper), but they’ve also had it examined by experts from the Mutual UFO Network, who confirm it is the real deal.
Wednesday, June 2, 2010 – ANGEL FIRE — For Dee Gragg the question isn’t “Did a UFO land in a field just outside of Angel Fire.” Instead, the question is “What kind of a UFO was it?”
Gragg, the assistant director of the New Mexico chapter of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), gave a presentation Saturday afternoon (May 29) to an audience of alien aficionados at which he shared evidence that was gathered in a “10-month investigation” on an empty Moreno Valley pasture. Read more…

Aliens protecting the Earth from incoming asteroid

Advanced extraterrestrial alien civilization protecting the earth by systematically neutralizing incoming asteroids and comets with radiation energy tapped through Fermions
It is estimated that terrestrial technologies can detect one in hundred asteroids and comets that is in a collision course.
Interestingly, even if we in the earth find some incoming asteroids that will collide with the earth, little we can do. Take the example of asteroid 1950AD. It is about three quarters of a mile in length. It will collide with earth in year 2880. The collision will cause an explosion equivalent to 100,000 megaton. The human race will get wiped out. Knowing this very well, we can do little to protect us. A nuclear missile if sent out to encounter the asteroid will make a zillion scattered pieces and the earth will get bombarded zillion times in different place and the effect will be even worse. We do not have the power to vaporize this asteroid with the entire nuclear arsenal in the earth. A close vicinity nuclear explosion may deflect it if the asteroid is of high density and we know about the asteroid at least two years before it impacts on the earth. There are other evolving theories to neutralize the incoming asteroids but nothing has been tested. On top of that we can detect one in hundred such crashing bodies (comets and asteroids) coming towards us. Many scientists believe we just do not have the technologies to protect us. Read more…

Aliens found living near Patagonia, Chile

This is an amazing documentary of a very secluded place where a group of humanoid aliens had lived ..people in the area do not want this out for fear of the type of crowd it would attract to the remote island…I heard of this place years ago and have been researching it ..I am very happy to have found this documentary and I thank the people in this documentary for their passion and hard work to bring this to us. Read more…
Conspiracy theories:

Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up

(June 7, 2010) — Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman has devoted more than 50 years to pursuing the scientific
truth of UFOs, and was the original civilian investigator of the legendary 1947 Roswell, N.M., incident.
“Some UFOs are intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft, and this is the biggest story of the millennium.” These words are not the rantings of a deranged individual looking for attention or a comfortable straitjacket. Stanton Friedman is a maverick of sorts. Read more…

Former Nato General Admits Bilderberg Runs it All

Monday, June 7, 2010 – The Alex Jones Show – Former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes has confounded claims by debunkers that the secret organization which met in Sitges Spain over the last few days does not set policy, admitting during a Belgian radio interview that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement decisions that are formulated during the annual conference of power brokers. Read more…

Bilderberg Green Lighting Iran Attack

Charlie Skelton Reports Bilderberg Green Lighting Iran Attack on Alex Jones Tv
Alex continues coverage of the Bilderberg’s globalist confab in Spain. Guests today include Charlie Skelton, who writes for the Evening Standard and The Guardian, reports from Sitges on the latest Bilderberg news. Read more…
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