Multiple UFO activity over Atlanta, Georgia

Latest UFO sightings – Multiple UFO activity was recorded over Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday, 17th June 2010. What do you think of this? Could they be just a helicopters?

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  1. Really? Looks like a bunch of terrestrial craft running through a landing pattern. They&#39;re probably trying to get away from that storm!<br /><br />I&#39;m a firm believer in UFO&#39;s, but I&#39;m not convinced that this is anything of other worldy origin.

  2. Remarkable video and gratitude goes to the guy who taped and posted it. Watch both entirely to really get a feel for what this guy saw. I don&#39;t think &quot;helicopters&quot; would make such dangerous maneuvers. I can&#39;t offer up any logical explanation. Didn&#39;t anyone else see this when it happened? Atlanta is a major US city!

  3. To the first comment: I dont think they were trying to avoid the storm but to go in the sorm cloud itself. They feed from the energy that is inside that storm cloud. <br />You can see when there was more lighting that the activity of ufos increased heading towards that cloud.<br /> Sorry for any bad english errors, its not my native language.

  4. im from chickamauga and last night the 27 at 5 in the morn watch 3 int riangle formation move across the sky then one slit a lest as did anotherone going in different direction ill be here tomarrow if any one can help explain all this to me never believe untill 5 this morn i waswith3 other we all saw the same thing thanks

  5. hey i saw the same thing last night in michigan they looked like red lights and went up leaving one that came low and followed a street and looked like a see through jellyfish like orb

  6. Nobody believes me but I saw one here in Idaho last month. It was the strangest thing I&#39;ve ever seen. I was looking towards the western horizon and I saw a light appear in the sky and slowly ascended. Obviously it was not military or &quot;swamp gas&quot;. It was amazing and I know we are being observed. We are not the only ones in the universe. BTW, great video.

  7. i was in Canton Ga. on June 25, or 26 when i saw a bright golden light in the sky south of me. It was extremely similar to these. I tried not to get excited and convince myself it was a radio tower despite the lack of blinking lights, however after about 10 minutes, it flew slowly south east into the clouds. it was around 9 pm and the weather conditions were very similar as well. Awesome post,

  8. Yes the video should have gained attentiion by the authorities, yet, I saw nothing on the tv about this. In China they shut the airport down when visited by a UFO, here in GA planes continued to fly in the, somebody knows something, that&#39;s for sure..

  9. How can I get in touch with the guy who posted this video? I live off Sixes Road in Canton, GA and have witnessed the same objects – I have pictures but have never been able to video. I would like to share photos and notes with him.

  10. LANDING LIGHTS! They are pointing the camera at the landing pattern at the busiest commercial airport in the world. I live in Atlanta and see this all the time. These are airline jets on approach to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, with 5 parallel runways and aircraft being spaced to make their approach to land. I am a private pilot and regularly fly under this approach path, with the

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