New crop circle report from Berkshire, England

This crop circle was reported from Walbury Hill near Combe, Berkshire on Saturday, 12th June 2010.
Crop Circle 12th June 2010 at Walbury Hill, Berkshire UK. Depicting Oil Spill??
This is the latest crop circle discovered 12th June 2010 at Walbury Hill, Berkshire, UK. An amazing circle which unfortunately cannot be entered due to the farmers prohibition. The lay is apparently intricate and complex, with Concetric circles within the lay and also galaxy spiral shaped lays. Seems to be very elaborate and some interpreters have already seen the long “tail” as symbolizing the BP Oil spill in the Gulf.
Author (BZCAPMOOR @ youtube)

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  1. I've decided not to care about crop circles until somebody has the sense to hire a tracker to check out them out for footprints. You can't build one of these on foot without leaving evidence of that, it just requires too much repetitive movement. I have yet to hear of even one crop circle which has been checked out by anybody with decent tracking skills. Get Tom Brown, Jr., over there and

  2. Hi All, I would like to know the average size of these crop circles please! I also know there are a group of people who work on behalf of the goverment that actually go out in certain fields and perform there crop circle structures!!!<br />It is to believed the reason these people go out to do there crop circles is to throw off the truth about them!! A good percentage of circles are fake!! I

  3. As a slightly educate man; if I were market this as a spaceship gas station. Sort of like a road sign you see. You have 17 big circles that lead to a radar looking circle. The 17 circles represent proton atoms. 17 proton atoms equal Cl or choride. Next is the display of the 3 electron fields. Next, is the process. Mixing perhaps or two chemicals i&#39;m not too sure or fusion or fission which

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