Orbs in triangle formation were filmed hovering over South London, UK

Latest UFO sightings – UFO / Orbs in triangle formation were spotted and recorded in Croydon Area of South London, England on Sunday, 6th June 2010 around 10 pm.

These three orb like ufo’s were spotted hovering just after sun down in the croydon area of south london. Black rounded tops could be seen with the naked eye as they hovered within 10 meters of rooftops near local houses. The footage was filmed on a hand camcorder between 21:46 and 22:05 06/06/2010. Triangular formation of the orbs being held with no apparent influence from the wind. refuting the idea “they could be lanterns”.

Author (blackcode08 @ youtube)

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  1. saw the exact same thing on June 6th 2010 in Pemberton BC Canada arround the same time but only two of them I also have footage and I agree it is like nothing I have ever seen in the sky others arround me also saw them any explanation? any way to enhance footage that we have to try and see what these things are?

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