Remarkable daytime disc-shaped UFO photographed over Tuzla, Bosnia

Latest UFO sightings – This metallic disc-shaped object was allegedly photographed over Tuzla in Bosnia on Tuesday, 29th June 2010. What do you think of this report? Real deal or fake?
Witness report: I was with my friend on the hill over Tuzla,it is a rest place and lots of people wisit it,i was taking some snap photos with my camera and sadenly out from nowhere we saw a flash,and then apeard in the left angle a disc shaped object it stayd there for aproximetly 15 sec. and then it fly away in a amazing speed southeast of our pozition…Ofcourse i have taken a picture of that flaying soucer to confirm my story.Heare in bosnia it is not unusuall sighting ,however lots of people heare are sceptics and it is a shame…..
Author (source: mufon)
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  1. That&#39;s lighting a lamp without a pole. And is mounted in the picture.<br /><br />An old trick created by an artist.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />And yes, it&#39;s a shame that so do others believe that this type of dirty tricks. When do you think the UFO is taken seriously with these tricks and when the researchers say that passed through

  2. hi there, im also from tuzla, and when i was a teenager i have seen a number of light balls hanging over the hill of Krojcica a year before the civil war started…I saw it together with my friend; also other people were looking at them. We were scared so we ran away down the hill. We did tell this to our parents and other friends. Hwoever ive never heard anybody talking about it on the radio or

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