Strange daytime UFO activity filmed in Tucson, Arizona

Latest UFO sightings – Strange daytime UFO activity filmed in Tucson, Arizona on Sunday, 20th June 2010.

Witness report: From the day I went investigating that weird forest (we’ll call it Rendlesham!!), I didn’t notice these two floaties until reviewing the footage later, and luckily scanned across it again just last night at figured it would make for some good editing practice. It’s a marginal capture, but still a cute one and special 🙂 I wasn’t even out of my car at this point, I swear that place is SATURATED with what is bleeding through from some other dimensionz or WhaThAVeYoU
Author (Sheilaaliens @ youtube)

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  1. These are obviously just marks on the car's windshield. No mystery here! take it down, it does not help site's credibility to post obvious fakes without taking the time to closely examine the footage yourself beforehand.

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