Unknown lights over England

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown lights were recorded over Buckinghamshire, UK on Saturday, 19th June 2010.

On the 19/06/10 i witnessed bright orange lights over the county of buckinghamshire, at first i believed they were planes but they were moving and different speeds, making no noise and they were disappearing, there were about 11 moving up from the ground in a line and then they vanished. This morning i looked it up on the internet and found the same thing had happened in surrey, i don’t know if it is the same thing or two separate events but it was very strange. I have got a picture of it that was taken on my phone it is very poor quality i have sent two, one with a ring around it to highlight it and another without.
Author: Alex G.
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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  1. at 11.15 last night 19 june saw 5or6 orange lights with red centres rising up then disappearing and returning for about 10 minutes with no noise, above Bolton.Andrew

  2. Bolton england, or michigan? <br /><br />eerily similar sighting in Troy, MI around 1015 PM EST <br /><br />to the south, four separate red lights.

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