UFO activity filmed over Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Latest UFO sightings – Residents of Plovdiv, Bulgaria were stunned when a UFO was spotted flying over the city on Monday, 5th July 2010 just after midnight. Footage of the event shows around 50 glowing objects flying in the sky and then disappearing. This is not the first time that UFO sightings have been reported in the area, with many people claiming to have seen similar objects in the past.

Many believe that these sightings could be evidence of alien life, and speculate about the possibility of an impending apocalypse. Online forums dedicated to the topic are filled with discussions about the latest sightings and theories about their origin.

The footage of the Plovdiv sighting shows three of the objects in particular, one of which is seen flying over a block of houses. The others are seen hovering near the houses for a few minutes before disappearing. The footage has sparked much debate and discussion among UFO enthusiasts and experts, and has many people questioning what these mysterious objects could be.


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