What Are Aerial “Metallic Doughnuts” South of London, England?

On Thursday, June 24, 2010, these “metallic doughnuts” were photographed flying south to north at 9:08 PM local time in Redhill, Surrey, England, south of London.
Witness report: Observed 2 Shimmering objects from Merstham, (that’s about 2 & 1/2 miles north of Redhill), through 10x binocular.
Against the background of grey cloud, I could see that cloud was not above the objects…and they appeared brown in colour, doughnut-shaped, brighter
on face, reflected off sun although sun was hidden from my view; and I took this picture.
I observed them for no longer than 1 minute and I have no idea of their size, speed, or altitude, but estimate they were higher than the local, light aircraft fly at.
Have no record of zoom setting on camera, as I wanted to get them both in frame, but they appeared with naked eye, about the same size as photo.
They had disappeared before I could take zoomed-in pictures of them separately.
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