Possible footage of flying saucer filmed over Arlington in Texas 21-Aug-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Some kind of disc-shaped UFO was filmed over Arlington in Texas on Saturday, 21st August 2010 around 10 pm. What do you think of this footage?
Witness report: Alien UFO video sighting in arlington, texas 8/21/10
This was video taped outside my house in arlington, texas on 8/21/10
this lasted approximatly about 7-8 minutes and we were able to video tape about 3-4 minutes of it.. Around 1:56 to 2:00 mark it can visibily been seen perfectly in the video camera..
Author (Toomnymods @ youtube)

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  1. We live in South Arlington/Mansfield area. We saw this around 10:30. We saw this between the houses in our neighborhood. Our neighbors came and got us to see it. This is CRAZY!! We couldn't grab our camera fast enough to get it on tape before it was gone. I'm glad you posted this. We have been searching for it all morning!

  2. after reviewing your video, i would indeed say that it is a UFO. I have a program which allows me to look at split milliseconds of a video, i used this to reviewed your video. I then took snapshots and uploaded them onto another computer with helped me make a 3d model of the craft. tis quit remarkable!

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