UFO activity over UK photographed in July & August 2010

Latest UFO sightings – UFO activity over UK photographed in July & August 2010.
Witness report: During my England trip this year (July 26 till August 13, 2010) I took some pictures at different locations from objects, that I was not able to identify. You find them in a zip file attached to this email. The photos were taken in Rye, East Sussex, on July 28, 2010, in the Dartmoor National Park on August 02, 2010 and at the Alton Barnes crop circle on August 08, 2010.

I didn´t realize the objects when taking the pictures and just saw them when I was checking the photos afterwards. The objects are no birds, planes or other things I could identify. They are also no lens pollution etc. since pictures taken just seconds before or afterwards didn´t show the objects.

I´m aware that this subject is greatly controversal, but I ensure you that all pictures are completely unedited and unmodified, except for brightness and contrast enhancement on the respective third picture of each object.
Author: Melanie S.
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net
Alton Barnes


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  1. terrible Fing fakes, people! look at the second example– the light on the craft doesn't reflect the light that is falling on the rest of the scene. I've seen better phonies produced by 5th graders. for F's sake, who is saying these are real?

  2. I am saying that they are real, because I took them. These pictures are not manipulated no matter what your personal opinion about them might be. So I have to dissappoint you – no terrible Fing fakes.<br /><br />But it also shows that some people have quite a hard time to distinguish between real and faked photos. In these cases it maybe would be better to think first and write answers later.

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