Video of mass UFO sighting over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 25-Sep-2010

Latest UFO sightings – New UFO video of unexplained activity in the sky over Rio in Brazil. This footage was taken on Saturday, 25th September 2010.
Witness report: background sounds are from the ship…we live in this loud environment aboard the ship…there’s so much equipment on board not to mention the workings of the boat itself that produces the noises…the camera was also picking up wind and voices background…we were all excited by what we were watching take place…so much more was seen that wasn’t filmed at all…”
“We were looking north and it was very close to the flight path of the Reo air port. There was more but this is all I filmed.It seemed to be stationary in the sky, by that I mean it didn’t seem to be moving across the sky. One of the crew was looking at it with binoculars and commented on the fact that it appeared to go back up until it diapered out of site I don’t know what it was. It lasted about 20 minutes.
Author (ZEEDER1000 @ youtube)

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