Cylindrical objects / RODs were photographed over Broomfield in Colorado Sep-2010

Latest UFO sightings -This UFO photos were taken in Broomfield, Colorado on 11th and 25th September 2010.
Witness report: I had two sightings in September. One was on Saturday the 11th I think, and it was a singular small white UFO identical to the one sighted in Broomfield the 9th.
There was another one somewhere inbetween, but it did not photograph well against the sun and clouds, but its visible.
The next one was on the 25th, and I saw a jet flying overhead that was almost directly overhead, and had a significant contrail. Next to it was a white silvery small UFO. In a picture of the UFO that I took after the jet passed, there was a streak in the picture. Its a 14 MP camera so I blew it up. After inverting the image it looked like a rod. I emailed it to a friend and they enhanced it. The Rod points directly at the UFO. Curious. The UFO turned out to be two, and one was really shimmering and pulsating unlike a balloon.
Might just be a coincidence, but keepin my eyes on the skies here. these are just samples. I have many more shots.
Author: Bob
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  1. I saw this exact thing in Phoenix AZ on Sept 5 2010 at 7:00 PM from the 101 and I-17 freeway.<br /><br />The sun was setting and all of the clouds turned a dark black color. You could see this streak the same shape and angle as in your picture but it was a bright shiny almost silver but it looked like a streak it didn&#39;t really look like a UFO like you&#39;d think. And I also saw that little

  2. Saw the same thing over here in centennial, co yesterday evening. Didn&#39;t think that much of it on account of the fact that I&#39;ve seen so many ufo&#39;s in the sky&#39;s over colorado. Funny though it was the same v shaped streak with a shiny little orb not to far. Believe it or not I saw to triangles flying that night.

  3. You all know that rods have been debunked as insects right? The camera is too slow to pick them up so they appear as rods, I thought everyone knew that already.

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