Interesting UFO photos taken in Deerfield, Florida 15-Sep-2005

Interesting UFO photos were submitted to me today. They were taken in Deerfield, Florida on 15th September 2005.
Witness report: These pictures were taken on September 15, 2005 in Deerfield, Florida. Deerfield is very far West, and in fact is not very far from the Everglades. There are no airports in the area. I took these just to get pictures of the sunset and the light reflecting on the water and I just noticed these objects in the sky. I was facing west, so these objects might be moving over the Everglades, but I am not sure. These pictures were not altered in any way and I have the original, high-resolution jpegs available for review. I was using my Nikon D100 on a tripod. Since I was doing time delayed shots, even the press of my finger shook the camera a bit, so some of the photos were slightly (and I mean very slightly) blurry.

Take into account that these picts were taken all with a timed exposure to let in the light of the fading sunset. I might have held the shutter open for about 5-6 seconds for each photo. If the pictures of the objects in the sky were planes, they would be streaks of light. These are actually slightly moving stationary objects. If you look at the picture I took before these, there are no objects in the sky. Then the next set of pictures, there they are! Take note that some of them are changing shape. Also take note of the angle of the objects. One minute, they are somewhat level with the ground, then the next minute, they are on ridiculous angles in the sky. The pitch is much too sharp if this was a plan landing, but like I said, there is no airport out there.

I just looked at photos from the China/Mongolia sighting this week and let me tell you, my pictures look very similar. I am attaching a group of shots for you to look at, but look at “DSCN0911_objects3_new” and “DSCN0924_objects8_new”. I did a screen shot of the recent Chinese UFO and put it next to my shots… Man, these are very similar! Anyway, please contact me for more info.
Have a great day and God bless,
Author: Brett
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  1. to me this could be a mid exposure..look at the water surface….it's sharp. without a flash light the time needed for take a picture like this must be up 1 second. I've take several night picture last summer and on couple of them i've seen this effect.

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