UFO expert talks about ‘years of data’

October 21, 2010 – Scott Albrecht is an alumnus of Central Michigan University who grew up watching the “X-Files,” and attended a presentation by a renowned UFO expert on Wednesday with more than 300 at the Bovee University Center auditorium.

Albrecht, 31, wanted to be a part of the introduction of “anecdotal evidence” by Robert Hastings from documents that were obtained by the use of the Freedom of Information Act.

“I wanted to see the introduction of this stuff go public,” said Albrecht.
Hastings, a renowned UFO expert talked about his “40 years of gathering and analyzing the data.”
“So, called flying saucers do indeed exist,” said Hastings. “The public has a right and definitely the need to know the facts.
“This is offered on a take-it or leave-it basis.”
In September, Hastings held a press conference at the National Press Club which included former Air Force officers.
“I have obtained hundreds of declassified documents,” said Hastings.
One moment during the presentation that stuck with Albrecht was when Hastings said that “aliens are peaceful” and the room rumbled with laughter.
“There was a big wave of cognitive dissonance,” said Albrecht who has been researching UFOs “off and on for 12 years.”
Trish Larkin of Montrose and Christopher Lakosky of Clinton Township arrived early and had third row seats, and they left the presentation rather disappointed.
“I thought the guy was crazy,” said Larkin. “It didn’t grasp my attention.
“I did what he said during his opening statement – to have an open mind.”
Lakosky said that he was hoping for some new information, as what was presented he had heard before.
“I need the proof,” said Lakosky. “I need to be probed.
“I was hoping that it would be interesting. No, it was not worth (attending).”
The CMU Program Board’s cultural events director, Emily Panone said she wanted to bring something that was cultural and “not just about (skin) color.”
“This is popular culture,” said Panone. “We’ve never had anyone like this before.
“I thought attendance was great. I’m happy with the turn out, and I think it went very well.”
Hastings recommended these websites www.ufohastings.com; www.cufos.org; and www.fufor.com as UFO websites with a “scientific view.”
“At this time, there is a wealth of evidence in the public domain,” said Hastings. “Is a six-decade-long deception justifiable?
“The time has come for Americans and everyone on the planet Earth to know about the secret.”
Hastings press conference: click here.
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