Bright UFO or Orb was recorded hovering over Alanya in Turkey 24-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Another UFO footage of unknown bright object hovering in the sky over Alanya in Turkey. This video was recorded today (Wednesday, 24th November 2010) at 6:15 am.

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  1. Cool! Can't think of any explanation for that one unless for a very sofisticated spy ballon, or else…. What else can that be? The thing seems to be prety high on the Turkey sky. So much that we don't know about!!

  2. isn't it a little strange? this guy has filmed the SAME (lookin) UFO over and over again, in Alanya.. go to his youtube channel and you'll see.. so why not get a better camcorder or get a telescope so that he can get a better picture of this thing everytime it appears? I donno something fishy about his videos.. =/ At first I thought this was real but I looked around his channel a bit and

  3. i think these are fake, if you watch the other video from turkey posted a few days previous it looks like he is filming from the same place just shifted a little bit to the right….

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