Cylindrical UFO recorded by miners in Atacama, Chile 9-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Footage of UFO activity in the sky over Chile recorded by miners on Thursday, 9th November 2010. This video was recorded in the desert of Atacama, a place known for its famous accident of 33 miners recently.

Direct translate from Spanish: The news is releasing the portal Terra de Chile this November 9 (2010) where a group of miners managed to record a UFO in the sky in the desert of Atacama in Chile Copiapo (the same famous scene of the accident of the 33 miners) . The video apparently recorded from a cell phone displays images of an object held in the sky before the eyes and describe the miners witnesses. “Nobody will believe it” said the witness who is due to the name of Israel Vergara while recording the UFO-type cylinder. Mr increasingly blunt.

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  1. A CLOUD appears!<br />CHILEAN MINER I choose you!<br />The CHILEAN MINER uses CELLPHONE CAMERA…<br />It&#39;s Super Effective!<br />The CLOUD is Dazed.<br />The CHILEAN MINER uses CLAIM A UFO…<br />It&#39;s Super Effective!<br />The CLOUD passes out!

  2. Hmmm coincidentally enough not once did the camera focus on the object. WHY??? Everything else the camera shot was in focus. Why, just once, why couldn&#39;t the guy filming focus the object??? Yet another video detracting from the credibility of ufo&#39;s

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