New documentary: My mum talks to aliens

Mary Rodwell is Australia’s leading authority on extraterrestrial phenomena, her son Chris Rodwell is a vet, a man of science and self-confessed alien skeptic — their relationship has reached a critical point and something has to give.
Mary’s beliefs led to the breakdown of her marriage and left a teenage Chris with some emotional scars, so the topic comes with baggage. Packing nothing but an open mind, Chris has agreed to enter Mary’s world via a road trip traversing Australia in order for her to attempt to convince him that the truth really is “out there” and that aliens exist, or she must never discuss the subject with him again.
Mary plans to leave no stone unturned in her efforts to convince Chris. They will meet a host of colorful characters from alien contactees to skeptical scientists. They will take part in a heated debate with university professors, put key witnesses under pressure with polygraph tests and scour the country for concrete evidence of extraterrestrial life.
Along the way they will argue until they are blue in the face about who is right, and for Mary, this really is her last chance to prove to Chris that she hasn’t gone loopy and that there really are other beings in the sky above. This is the search for the truth to save a relationship.

Note: All parts of the documentary film are avaliable in this player!

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  1. really bad documentary. show nasa vids talk to jaime maussan david sereda john friedman erik von daniken. pilots ex government officials. implants etc thats evidence. why jus one video? theres thousands of authenticated ones, was gd vid tho. DNA was decent and the lie detector results was gd backing to guys story. Anyway cheers loader!

  2. what's good about this doco is the conflicting view-points at the start and how it converges on both a personal and evidence based scenario…which is quite evident in the real-world. Although there is so much evidence that could have been used to prove mary's case, it's usually hard for a typical sceptic to digest any of it initially. This is sort of a good introduction to the

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