UFO video: Bright objects or Orbs flying over Belfast, UK Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – New video of daytime UFO activity filmed in the sky over Belfast, UK. This footage was recorded recently in December 2010.
Witness report: I don’t think it was chinese lanterns because the first one speeded in from the far east (though i did not capture that part on camera) of the building and then stopped and stayed stationary for a bit. the one that comes up from behind the roof starts of a lot closer than the first and then seems to change it’s direction to meet up with it. they came from two completely different locations and yet still met up at the same point. once they meet up they then move of together to the right and disappear from view of the cam view but not the eyes for another min or so. i had to edit part of that cause my finger was over the lens. they come back 5 or 10 min later though and do pretty much the same thing only there is a 3rd on the left this time which does not move. surely if it were chinese lanterns the wind would affect this one. it honestly looked a lot better in person. if someone can show me a video of chinese lanterns behaving this way i will be shocked.
Author (EmmetCromie @ youtube)

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