UFO video: Triangle-shaped craft was filmed over Sedona in Arizona 17-Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Another interesting video of unusual triangle-shaped craft hovering in the sky over Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. This footage was filmed on Friday, 17th December 2010.
Witness report: We were driving to get some dinner and saw this thing. I don’t know what it was. It could be a hoax, I don’t know. It was about 300m from an area known for UFO sightings. We booked it before it got out of sight, some coyotes were going nuts pretty close to us. 12/17/10. Sorry for the shaky cam.
Author (mikelovesrobots @ youtube)

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  1. UFO video …<br />I had never trusted UFO stories because there are not any solid proofs of any UFO landings or aliens coming to our planet. Everything about UFO is HOAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. It is like online dating web sites where dating singles ate like UFO stories….

  2. Vanesa- why dont you do some research before you make a comment like that. For one, there is PILES of solid proof. Stop being so naive, you&#39;re in for a rude awakening when ETs decide to land and make contact in a public display.

  3. If you guessed that this was a kite with led lights attached to it, you are not far from correct. This is a common mistake people make when spotting a &quot;UFO,&quot; when what they&#39;re actually looking at is night time hang gliders. These lights we&#39;re seeing here are the lights mounted on the corners and center of the glider. Im a strong believer in UFO&#39;s but this is most likely the

  4. omg.. I have been looking all over this site, hoping to see what me and my 13 yearold daughter saw last night. I had only checked out california sightings and thought to check arizona, being it is so close by. Your sighting is exactly what we saw last night in Oak PArk, California which is in ventura county at 7:30om at night.heading north west..it flew towards the coast and then we saw a red

  5. Go here (copy and paste into your browser):

    You’ll see that this guy is WAY INTO robotics and stuff. HE KNOWS IT IS A LOAD OF CRAP. He wasted everyone’s precious time posting it here and I guess it made him feel more like a big man? Asshole.

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