TV News: UFO was filmed over Utah, United States 26-Jan-2011

The ABC Channel 4 news in Utah is reporting that several witnesses saw three red lights in the sky between 7:15pm and 7:30pm on Wednesday night. The witnesses said the unidentified flying objects hovered in formation for several minutes and seemed to be dropping flares.

One witness who professed that she does not believe in extraterrestrials said that she had to admit the strange nature of these objects that didn’t match any aircraft she knew of. She said there were no blinking lights, no sound and just glowed red the whole time. According to the witness, Lynette Chidester, they began dropping white streams of light, some type of burning objects, however, her husband who once worked for a company that manufactured flares said that they were definitely not flares.
source (realvworld2 @ youtube)

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  1. It seems the same Event as that in Jerusalem from the 28.01.2011! TR3B Activity? Stealth-Technology,<br />Invisibility-Technics, vertical Jumps at high Velocity, minimum 3 operational TR3B&#39;s Worldwide.<br />Only certain Persons know, which Operations they<br />conduct around the World in such an Altitude hiding the Ship remaining only the View of Energy-Source, the four Lights on the lower

  2. «The Vessels (UFOs) of the Intergalactic Confederation, especially those corresponding to the Unified 3rd Dimension, which appears in your skies as ‘white orbs of white light’, are the vanguard of the Angels of the Lord (ET from Vega of Lyra) present in your heaven, manifested now on a daily and ongoing throughout the Earth. The Angels of the Lord or the Lord sent, so named in some records. The ‘

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