UFO video of multiple unknown lights hovering over Leeds in UK 20-Jan-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This video of UFO activity was recorded in Leeds, UK on Thursday, 20th January 2011 around 7:15 pm.
Witness report: Location of Sighting: Over Leeds, NNE direction, 30 degrees from top of Beeston hill
Date of Sighting: 20th January 2011
Time: 7:15 to 7:18

When I was closing the front door after coming home from work, I noticed a bright orange light in the sky, it looked quite a long way away but was very bright. I’ve seen plenty of helicopters and planes flying over crossflatts park over the years and even satellites being moved and this thing was nothing like anything I have ever seen before.

Looking towards town it moved slowly from left to right, I watched it for a few minutes and then ran upstairs for a better view from the attic and grabbed my HD video recording camera. Even on 16x optical zoom it was still quite a distance away because on maximum zoom it was still just a bright spherical object.

It was a very pale orange colour and appeared to slowly shift colour from fleshy pink to pale orange. It made no sound at all, when ive watched police helicopters searching for people from a distance you can at least hear their engines echoing while theyre in the air.

The object was moving in the opposite direction that incoming planes use when they’re coming in to land at the Leeds and Bradford airport. The strangest thing was that it would sporadically stop dead in the sky and then carry on moving. And at one point it was to the east in the direction of crossflatts park then dissapeared and reappeared NNE in the direction of Leeds city center, so there were either two of them that flew identical paths in the sky or the same thing that moved crazy fast in the blink of an eye. When looking at the recorded video I was able to save individual frames and zoom in on the object. On closer inspection it appeared to be be sphere with small bumps clustered around it. Either clustered bumps or a sphere with lights of various intensity on it, making it look like it was clustered with smaller objects. And it also looked like a ball of fire because you can make out what looks to be sparks or flames licking off of it.

The most bizzare thing is that i didnt just lose it from focus, on closer inspection of the video on the pc, the object actually skips through the sky a short distance then quickly does a U-turn and dissapears at an alarming rate in the opposite direction!

Please leave a comment if you saw / have seen the same thing!
Author (billybifocals @ youtube)

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  1. Worth to watch this new crop circle form yesterday in Indonesia: http://tinyurl.com/5sys3no<br />Indonesia is sinking as wee all can see through the Google earth updated. This new crop circle made in a rice field should be, for sure, some kind of warning.<br />Also in Ireland (Galway) something is the sky was observed, but in this case, I have doubts. Probably an hoax: http://www.youtube.com/

  2. my spouse and i have seen something very similar while sky watching in the country about 12 miles from town(in california), we&#39;v never been able to catch them on camra as we dont have a telephoto lense and it seems too faraway for our camra to pick up…i always notice that they almost look like realy bringt stars or planets..untill they move..and then the same thing, they move short

  3. Interesting video, I have seen orbs with orange or red color. Orbs are sounding explores that alliens use. There´s a part of video that you explained &quot;a twinkling star&quot;, that is produced by another not earth objet and in that moment it was flashing.I´m not sure but maybe is a signal among them. Here in Argentina there are a lot of flashing sithings in the night and mystery lights in

  4. Anonymous – who are you calling a Fing tosser? Douchebag. At the end of the day if you rip off my video ill just report it to YouTube. Boohoo? Yeah you&#39;ll be one one crying to your mum cheeky bastard

  5. I have been looking through these links because a group of us saw triangular shaped craft fly overhead on Jan 22 around 9:30pm in New Port Richey FL while camping. We followed the amber/reddish lights out to a clearing where we could get a better look. They were fairly low to the ground like a small aircraft would fly and very vivid and easy to see its detail. They just dissappeared in the

  6. Haha! You just made me day, Bill. I was just rousting ya. I Fing took the video though! Zing. Don&#39;t worry mate, it&#39;s just for a major, major documentary that I&#39;m making, where in the end I&#39;m going to sell it for millions and billions, and you prolly won&#39;t get a cut for your rare, once in a life time UFO footage. <br /><br />Just one more wanker trying to cash in on

  7. Muaahaha. I didn&#39;t steal shit. You guys are all wankers, and it seems just trying to make a name and a buck for yourselves. Reading too many celebrity blogs, and wanting a little exposure yourselves? Gotta get famous somehow, &#39;spose. <br /><br />Fooking shyte man. These videos, when actually authentic, should be disseminated freely to help educate and spread the word about the truth

  8. Dont worry about the keyboard commando, Fing hard man can obviously talk shit to everyone because hes &quot;anonymous&quot;. Nobodies anonymous on the internet. Please dont upset me by calling me a tosser, i might have a few sleepless nights.<br /><br />Im not using my video to pad the number of views on my profile, i couldnt give a F, its not like im getting paid to have it on the there.<

  9. …I have noticed the same lights in the Torquay Sky on a regular basis … no plane ,no `copter , no sound …the speed is amazing , the change of direction is also present with sharp degree u turns`…@ last I am not going mad …

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